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StarMoney Business 7 and the Mickey Mouse Problem

Verfasst: Do., 10. Dez 2015 19:22
von minnie
Please help me to delete a "Vorlagen Überweisung" from Starmoney Business 7. I cannot do this by myself and this problem is causing me so much stress...

Let me show you what I mean. First, let's make an Überweisung for 1000 Euro payable to my once best friend, Mickey Mouse, and save it (Vorlage speichern) as a "Vorlagen Überweisung". (Please pretend Mickey is a Berliner Sparkasse Customer, with IBAN: DE19123412341234123412, and BIC: BELADEBEXXX.)

If now look at your address book, (Verwaltung, Adressbuch), you will see an entry for Mickey Mouse. By selecting "Mickey Mouse" from this list, you can then press "Entfern" and delete him from the adressbuch. Great!

Okay, if I now wanted to make another payment to Mickey, I could press Neu, Überweisung, Vorlage laden, and then select the Vorlagenordner "Vorlagen", because surprise, surprise he is still in the list!

The problem is, I no longer wish to pay him 1000 Euro Unterhalt every month, and I want to permanently delete him from the "Vorlagen Überweisungen" list.

Please tell me how I can delete him from StarMoney? I no longer want him in my life!

Love, Minnie

Re: StarMoney Business 7 and the Mickey Mouse Problem

Verfasst: Fr., 11. Dez 2015 12:08
von minnie
The real problem is that I am using StarMoney to pay Mickey 1000 dollars every month, and not 1000 Euro.

If you are confused, then perhaps I need to explain why I feel slightly nervous whenever I use 'StarMoney Business 6 and 7'...

I have used StarMoney (SM8, SM9 & SM10) for several years, so I know how to make normal, routine, inland and SEPA Überweisungen.

However, I have seen 'StarMoney Business' (more specifically, Vorlage templates) act strangely while learning how to do international wire transfers (Auslandsüberweisungen) using SMB6 and SMB7. Within an hour of starting to use SMB6, I had unintentionally created Auslandsüberweisung Vorlage which were impossible to delete from my SM administrator accounts. After reading a couple of threads on this forum [1,2], I decided that the easiest thing to do would be to delete SMB6 completely from my computer, and to reinstall the programme. Afterwards, I never again had any problems with my Auslandsüberweisungen, but I always took extreme care not to save any "incorrect/incomplete" templates.

Yesterday, I bought a full copy of SMB7 and let the programme automatically load all of my financial data from SMB6. However, after then modifying and saving a normal SEPA Überweisung Vorlage, which had already existed in SMB6, I could neither delete the original template, nor its successor. It was a little like the simplified explanation that I gave in my previous post above, only much, much, worse. This time, after saving the new modified template, let's call it "Mickey 2", I discovered that I could also not delete the original template, "Mickey". Then, even after deleting "Mickey" from my address book, I still could not delete either of the two "Mickey" Überweisung templates! I had not expected this behaviour in SMB7. In fact, I had bought SMB7 in order to deliberately stop using SMB6.

Why is this important for me? Well, my only reason for using SMB6 & SMB7 is that I have to make Mickey's Auslandsüberweisungen in dollars, of course! So, whenever I make Auslandsüberweisungen, I want to do so confidently, knowing that StarMoney does not contain any stored/abandoned "faulty" templates, which I might otherwise use by mistake. But on the other hand, if I were to make a mistake with a "faulty" international wire transfer template, Mickey would have to kiss his maintenance money goodbye this month, wouldn't he? :)

Hence my plea for help. Does anyone know how to delete "faulty" templates? Or should I let Mickey starve?

Hugs and kisses, Minnie

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Re: StarMoney Business 7 and the Mickey Mouse Problem

Verfasst: So., 13. Dez 2015 18:07
von minnie
Problem solved :)